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Welcome! On the website presented to your attention an extensive range of winter tyres, which you can choose in the catalog online and place your order. Tires 2020. They sell kits at affordable prices. Taking part in the latest promotions, you get the opportunity to buy the tires you are interested in at an even lower price, getting an excellent discount. To buy tires in online store. In this article you will learn how to choose a set of winter tires, as well as get acquainted with its types.

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Select winter tires correctly

Every vehicle owner knows how important it is to change your car. Of course, for an experienced motorist will not be difficult to find the right set of tires. Well, for those who bought a car not so long ago, there are a few General rules. To order tyres from China. The first and most important in the choice of tires is manufacturing. Believe me, budget is not always mean good. In the market of auto spare parts you will find a lot of tires, both foreign and domestic production. And the prices for the first naturally higher. But respectively higher and wear resistance. You can buy tires of foreign production in the range of 5 thousand per wheel, which is twice more expensive than domestic brands, however, they will serve you regularly more than one season or, at least, they will be enough for more mileage. To order winter tyres. Think about whether to save on quality. What you can really save on is the age of the model. The range of well-known and reliable manufacturer last year will cost many times cheaper than fresh new items, and will last no worse. Only in advance think over the issue of the spare parts in case this model is removed from production. Do not underestimate the role of the picture on the tread. Bus 17. After all, it is from him, in many ways, depends on the permeability of your car. If you often have to travel off-road, then give preference to a more relief pattern, well, for flat roads quite suitable small checkers.

Types of winter tires

All winter tyres are divided into two main types: studded and non-studded. Spikes are designed to drive on ice, providing better grip. On the asphalt road, they are not only meaningless, but also spoil it. A certain discomfort can bring the noise that spikes create when driving. They also slightly increase the consumption of gasoline. But on the ice, the braking distance with such tires is much shorter, so in the winter off-road is the best option. Where to buy cheaper tyres. For driving on asphalt choose non-studded rubber. It can be of two types: European for driving on wet asphalt, Scandinavian for snow-covered roads. The second option is more adapted for Russian roads. These tires have a low noise effect and are careful about the road surface. There are also cross-country tyres. Thanks to the extended, deep grooves and the increased tread block, they are ideal for driving on snow-covered roads. A significant disadvantage is the deterioration of the handling of the car with such tires on the asphalt. Shop cheap tires. If you plan to ride on the ice and on the asphalt, then choose a tyre with universal tread. Their cross and handling will be average, but it is enough for a comfortable ride on any type of road. An improved version of the station wagon is an asymmetrical protector. Thanks to the division into pathing and control, this rubber has very good performance.

  1. Fill in the application
  2. Select bus
  3. A consultant will call you
  4. Pay the order
  5. Will receive the goods

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How to buy winter tires?

To order winter tyres, please place your order online. Carefully fill in the "Feedback". Specify the type and quantity of the goods. The cost of the order, taking into account the discount on the stock site will calculate automatically. Tires to buy. You call polite consultant seller to confirm the order.

Buy winter

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